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Garages/Hobby Shops




6x6 Solid Columns - Laminated Columns
6"x6'' Columns or Laminated Columns: We offer either 6'' x 6'' columns, southern yellow pine, .60 treated with a 40-year warranty or a 3-ply 2'' X 6'' or 2" X 8" southern yellow pine with a 60 year warranty, Wall Columns are set 4 ft. below grade with blocking for uplift protection. Columns are set on solid concrete footing blocks to prevent pole settling  Using the same principle that gives plywood its superior strength, the 3 column members are nail laminated to form a single beam. Our columns and splash-boards feature .60 CCA-treatment to provide maximum resistance against decay and insect attack. Treated columns are warranted for 40 years. This assures us that we are providing you with a top quality building.

Farm & Ranch Building Supply

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3-ply laminated columns


60 yr. column warranty

Trusses Standard 25# Roof Load
Commercial trusses to meet any code or loading requirement.

Farm & Ranch Buildings
Give you the flexibility for truss and pole spacing of 7'6" - 8' - 9' or 10' center
This allows you to build your building to your desired length
Standard 25# roof load
6x6 or 6x8 solid or laminate poles available for columns
Widths available to 80'

Strong 2x6 - MSR 1650 Wall Girts
Utilizing economy building  2x4 #2 & better lumber, wall girts are securely fastened to the columns with 16d ring shank nails.

Strong Truss to Column Connection
All trusses are securely fastened to column to provide excellent wind and snow load resistance. A 2x8 plate line is standard. Knee braces are used as required by engineering.

Roof framing offers 2 choices:
#1 (top) Flush framing allowing roof purlins to be fastened to trusses with heavy gauge joist hangers. This eliminates spots for birds to nest.
#2 (bottom) 2x4 purlins attached on top of trusses using 60 d. ring shank nails for fasteners.

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