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Manual Chute With Scale
Manual Chute With Scale

Manual Chute With Scale Base & Palpation Cage

Sweep Tub

Sweep Tubs
Complete your system with a sweep tub designed for you. 

  • 2-section, 3-section, 4-section tub available.

  • Standard 3-section tub can be set up with the sweep gate on the left or right.

  • Opening at the rear of the tub gives animals a clear view when entering from the holding area.

  • 90 degree out gates are standard on all tubs

  • Catwalks available on all sides for access to the animals.

  • Additional kits available to meet your needs.

Adjustable Alleys
Long or Short, Manual or Hydraulic.
Long 15' 4" alley and short 8' 7" alley available.

Head Gates
Pearson Livestock Equipment first patented the self catch head gate in 1972 and it has been one of our most popular products ever since. The head gate can be mounted on a Pearson manual chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall.  

Adjustable Alleys
Head Gate
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